I Want My Two Dollars

Do you have a psychotic paperboy in your life hounding you for two dollars that you just don't have? Don't know how you're going to save that money? Remember that every Tuesday, at either of our locations, we offer two dollars off all pounds of coffee. We are sure, no matter what your taste, you can find a coffee you like from our wide selection of beans.


Everyone loves an Ethiopian

Here is a fun fact for all you coffee afficionados out there: coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil. Coffee is a daily ritual for the majority of adults in this country, and every year it grows in popularity. Coffee is also becoming more specialized and more and more people are begining to demand a good cup of joe. Gone are the days of drinking Folgers just to get your caffeine fix and avoid a blinding headache.


Pablo's in Bloom!

This weather has felt a little more Portland than Denver these past few weeks, and the general consensus over at our shops is that we are ready for some Colorado sunshine. A few of our green-thumbed baristas decided that despite having the April showers leak over into this month, they would deliver us some much needed May flowers. Lauren, Kristi, and Shandon took an afternoon and spruced up the patio over at 6th and Washington, and now our customers can enjoy a kaleidoscope of flowers while enjoying a cup of coffee outside. 


The Deal with the Wi-Fi

                Anyone who has spent time at either of our two locations is probably aware that Pablo’s is a rare, internet-free zone. While this confounds many of our laptop-wielding customers, we swear that our reasoning is not to annoy you. We get it; Pablo’s is an awesome place to work, and we certainly aren’t going to stop anyone from coming in and staring at their computer or studying all day.


Extreme Makeover on our Breakfast Blend

We are super excited to introduce a revamped Breakfast Blend. Our new roasting team has been working hard to update this classic, and they really hit the ball out of the park with this one. The harmonious mix consists of El Salvador Peaberry, Colombia Popayan Supremo, and Sumatra Mandheling. The result tastes like milk chocolate, raisins, and roasted peanuts. Come into either of our locations or buy it online here. This coffee is bound to be a new favorite!


New coffees have arrived!

Finally! after weeks of careful selection, and cupping, after cupping, after cupping!  We have found the cream of the crop.   check out these amazing coffees!





Exciting new coffees coming, Including our holiday blend!

It is that time of the year again, new crops of Indonesian coffees are arriving!  we cupped a stellar Java and will be putting it into production in the next week or so.  Also a new Papua New Guinea is coming in a few weeks, HUGE body on that one, keep an eye out!!   Another exciting coffee is a Mexican from Oaxaca, coming in about a week!



We just got some new Danger Monkey insulated travel mugs!! get them here! https://www.pabloscoffee.com/merch/danger-monkey-travel-mug-0



Bad news about the Sulawesi

The last batch of this season's Sulawesi is in the stores, get it while it lasts!  new crop should be in around november!


New central Americans have arrived!

The new Costa rican and Nicaraguan have arrived!  The Costa rica is from the Monte Crisol co-op and is excellent as always.  The Nicaragua is a great one from the Jinotega region.



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