The Ethiopian coffee lover is perhaps the most loyal of all coffee fans. If you like Ethiopian coffee there isn't nothing else quite like it. Perhaps it stems from Ethiopia being the suspected orgin of coffee, but this African country produces some of the best coffee in the world. The good news is we have a brand new Ethiopian coffee ready for your consumption. We are selling it online and in our stores, so you can enjoy it from a distance or right here in Denver. 

This Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural Kochere Chelelektu is sourced from family-owned farms around the Chelelektu mill in the Kochere woreda of the Gedeo zone of Ethiopia. The ripe cherries are hand sorted before being dried on raised beds. The coffee undergoes "Grade 1" preparation before it is exported to ensure the finest quality. The Gedeo zone is named after the native people of the area and the Kochere region is known as one of the best orgins for southern Ethiopian coffees. The coffee is grown at a very high altitude between 1,850 and 2,150 meters in Vertisol soil which is iron-rich and acidic. The mixture of high altidude and the quality of the soil are ideal for producing the bright, floral Yirgacheffe profile.

We taste strawberries, peaches, lemon, honeydew, and sage, and think this coffee has silky mouthfeel and floral finish. If this sounds amazing then you can buy it here or in our stores. We promise it will impress and delight you with every cup.