Tulips are blooming, birds are chirping, and crop tops are out in full force all over Denver. Spring has officially arrived and we have prepared at Pablo's Coffee. We have increased our iced coffee production and have enjoyed keeping the doors open - it almost feels like we work outside!

Our staff may have to stay inside to make the coffee, but our customers can enjoy the spring weather on our patios. Our outdoor space at Sixth and Washington just received a face-lift and expansion compliments Billie Fox. He's a favorite barista at both shops, but also our resident handy-man. Seriously, Billie can fix just about anything and bricked the patio addition in just a few days. 

The terrace parallel to Washington street has been expanded with new picnic tables and our former compost box will soon be a flower box. Don't panic if your gardener who enjoys using our coffee to grow your vegetables because you will still have access to our grinds. We are just changing the program a bit, but it should be less messy and easier for you. We are going to be bagging up the grinds in re-used five pound coffee bags. Once we fill a bag to the brim, we are putting it outside by the flower box or trash. It's a grab and go system, so you won't have to shovel wet coffee grinds into a bag or bucket. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask the staff. We want our coffee to continue fertilizing tomatoes and daffodils!