We have had some big changes over at our 6th and Washington location in the past few weeks. If it seemed like an overnight remodel to some of our customers, that’s because it was! Our dedicated staff and friends of Pablo’s pulled an all-nighter to install new shelving, countertops, and refrigerator behind the counter. While aesthetics are important to us, the impetus behind the change was the addition a of new single-batch brewer that we absolutely love: the Curtis Seraphim.

The Seraphim were the highest order of angels in the celestial hierarchy which is a pretty lofty name for a coffee brewer, but we think it delivers. The name is actually an ode to Los Angeles which is the home of manufacturer, Curtis. The Seraphim was built on the framework of the Curtis Gold Cup Brewer which won the 2012 SCAA Best New Product People’s Choice Award. The Seraphim went on to win the same award in 2014.

There are many reasons why this coffee brewer is worth the hype. The design is meant to be front bar material, and it does look so nice with our remodel.  Also, the Seraphim allows us to brew a great cup of coffee again and again.  The pour is the same every time and the temperature remains consistent throughout the brew process.

We have been searching for the right way to highlight our single-origin coffees for quite some time, and we think we have finally found it in the Seraphim. Pablo’s is lucky to be a very busy coffee shop - as any of our regulars know - and we simply didn’t have the time to spend on a five minute pour-over without sacrificing our customer service which includes efficiency and speed. The Seraphim allows us get the quality of pour-over, with better consistency, while keeping the line moving. Our staff worked hours finding the right recipe, and we believe that every one of our coffees tastes great using this brew method.

We have some fresh coffees to try with our new brew system, too. We finally have a Sumatra Manheling Grade 1 back on the shelves.  It’s a classic roast-forward Indonesian coffee with great body, notes of earth and leather, and a hint of cranberry sweetness. Our Colombia Huila Finca La Illusion is a refreshing, crisp, and clean coffee that conjures nostalgia of grape popsicles, sweet lemonade, and fresh honeydew slices. Basically, it's the perfect cup of coffee for summer. We also have a new Mexico Comitlan La Selva Selecta which is reminiscent of bourbon with a caramel sweetness, hints of oak and orange peel, smooth body, and black pepper finish. We have many more coffees worth trying, and our staff is happy to help you pick the right one according to your taste.