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Bad news about the Sulawesi

The last batch of this season's Sulawesi is in the stores, get it while it lasts!  new crop should be in around november!


New central Americans have arrived!

The new Costa rican and Nicaraguan have arrived!  The Costa rica is from the Monte Crisol co-op and is excellent as always.  The Nicaragua is a great one from the Jinotega region.


New coffees!

Some great news on the coffee front this week!  Our long awaited seasonal espresso is finally here, and the name we settled on is "Little Jem"  , look for it in our shops for a limited time, it is definitely worth checking out.  Also, a new Guatemalan fro our friends at Bodhi Leaf, Finca Candelaria, an excellent example of a classic Guatemalan coffee, with notes of granny smith apples, an milky caramel, it is like a caramel apple in a cup, look for it starting next week in our shops and online. Get your summer started right here with some great cofffees!

Update on the seasonal espresso.

  Have you guys ever developed an espresso blend?  It is tough, and time consuming, and gives you heart palpitations if you forget to spit it out when cupping.  This week we continued our journey of creating a seasonal espresso blend, we made so headway, but are still ironing out the particulars.  Lets take a little walk through the process shall we?  First, coming up with the idea for the blend, what characteristics do you want from this espresso?  What coffees will give you the qualities you want? Now, what proportions of each should you use? What should the roast level be?


Say goodbye to a few of your favorite Central Americans.

its that time of year when the new crop of Central American coffees will be coming in and last seasons crop is running out.  Stop by and pick up a pound or 2 while they last, the Costa Rican, Panama, Nicaragua, and the "Las Ninfas" Pacamara will all be gone before you know it!  Also, new bag design!


Queen City Harrar has arrived!

The Queen City Harrar is here!  I'm super excited about this coffee, it is a real treat, and only available in very limited quantites! get it here!


The Peru is back, and an exciting Ethiopian is on it's way!

The "El Chaupe" Peru is back!  This wondeful organic coffee is back in season, look for it in the stores in the next week or so, or online now!

Last week we cupped a ton of new coffees, even a few from Hawaii, and found a great Ethiopian!  This "Queen City Hararr" is one of the finest coffees I've tasted in a long time, with bold tropical fruit, papaya, pinapple, mango and jasmine it isn't your typical ethiopian, but I think this one will be a big hit, we only bought a few bags, so it'll go fast, look for it in the next few weeks.


Seasonal Espresso project

Regular readers will remember that back in october-ish the roasters here at Pablo's had a friendly little competition to create our holiday blend, well, we're back, and this time we're trying our hand at a seasonal espresso!  Blends are difficult to get right, without careful consideration of the ingredients you can take 2 or 3 good, interesting coffees and turn them into 1 terrible one.  espresso blending is an even trickier process, a blend that tastes good in the cupping cup could taste awful through an espresso machine.



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