New New Guinea!

This year's crop of New Guinea is in, and it is a good one!  It's a heavy bodied cup with notes of clove, baking chocolate, and molasses sporting a dry, lingering finish.  If you are a fan of big Indonesians, you're going to love this one.  Go check it out and buy some here.

Keep an eye out for it in our stores soon!


New shipping policy!

Hey guys, good news!  Pablo's has decided to restructure our shipping policy; from now until further notice any order of 2 or more pounds of coffee will get free shipping!  We realize that shipping can become a major deciding factor when it comes to buying coffee online, so this is our thought, you buy more than one coffee product, we will take care of the shipping, no coupon needed!  Now go buy some coffee!   Also, here are some cool pictures to look at.


Jason got us some coffee from Mexico!

Our intrepid lead sales supervisor Jason Cain has returned from his yearly pilgrimage to Mexico and has brought us back some coffee from our fine neighbor to the south.  He tells us he will be writing a detailed account of his adventure shortly, but for now, here is a preview of things to come.


A little look back...

I was looking through some old pictures the other day and I found a few from the week or so before we opened the 6th ave store, check em' out, circa early october 2001!


Pablos' Brew base!

Did you guys know we have instructions on how to make our delicious coffee? check it out over at


Friday cupping.

Today we are cupping some new crop of Mexican, and Guatemalan coffees, if they are any good you should see the around the shops in the next few weeks!


A long time ago, in a cafe not too far away...

Our benevolent overlord circa 1995.


New Ethiopian

Although we are sad to see the beloved Adem Chilcho go, we are excited to have another fine Ethiopian to take its place, the Sidamo Guji.  It is a medium bodied coffee with notes of hops, grapefruit and berries.  Happy new year, folks!  We'll see you in 2014.


Return of the Sulawesi

One of our most popular coffees is back in season, Sulawesi Toraja. If you are unfamiliar with Sulawesi, check out what Wikipedia has to say about it:


Great Divide Espresso Yeti

Well, it's that time of year again; not just time for the holidays, but time for Great Divide's Espresso Yeti.  For the last 4 years or so, we've been collaborating with the folks over at Great Divide Brewing to make this amazing coffee beer.  It's great for breakfast!  It's a limited run and should be hitting the shelves soon, so don't miss out.

Check it out here.



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