Art Show Updates

Hey friends, I just wanted to take a minute to give you all an update about what's going on with our current art shows.


Mental Floss Video

This week, A VIDEO! Thanks to the guys over at Mental Floss.


Cascara from HiU Coffee

Last year some of you might remember a wonderful coffee that we were able to get from El Salvador.  That particular coffee came from a company called HiU Coffee.  HiU is run by Graciano Cruz, who has been working with coffee growers in El Salvador to produce unique and outstanding high quality coffees and coffee products.


Cascara "cupping"

This week we received a sample of a new product called cascara from one of our importers.  Cascara is the dried outer layers of the coffee cherry, and it is normally thrown away or composted and used as fertilizer on the coffee farm.  At first, the fact that it is now being exported as a tea-like product may seem surprising.  It is worth noting, though, that cascara has been consumed regularly in coffee-producing countries for years.


Brewing Equipment

Hey folks!  Did you all know that we sell brewing equipment on our website?  Me either!  We've got Hario V60s and pour over kettles, and if you've been meaning to grab an Aeropress, we've got those as well.  We've even got filters, too.  We have all kinds of goodies, go check it out!



This week I stopped in to one of our wholesale customers to see how things are going.  If you're in the South Broadway area, stop by Sputnik for a coffee, or any other beverage of your choosing; they're doing a great job!


Great news about the Ethiopian "Adem Chilcho"!

After almost running out this week, we have ordered another 600 kilos!  We are very pleased to say that it should be in within the next week.  Go get yourself some here.


Nicaragua "Dipilto"

Yet another new coffee this week, the Nicaragua "Dipilto". Read more about it here.


Pablo's Rockin the Taste of Colorado this weekend!

Hey everyone!  If you're going to A Taste of Colorado this weekend, come check out your favorite coffee slingers!  We'll have a full coffee shop setup just like in both of our shops!  

Taste of Colorado runs Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday and admission is free.  Also, MC Hammer is performing.  What what what you say?  Yes.  It's true.

Find out some more information at the official Taste website.  We'll see you there!


Another new coffee this week!

Check out the Panama "casa ruiz".  It is a great coffee that we have had before.  Althought it's hard to believe, it seems to get better every year!



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