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Cupping Saturday

Another busy weekend at the coffee warehouse. This weekend Craig, Joe, Jason, and I cupped a whole lot of new coffees. Some of the more outstanding selections include:

JAVA ORGANIC TAMAN DADAR, this was a spectacularly interesting coffee, intense earth flavor with hint of asparagus and fresh bell pepper, like eating a spoonful of fresh spring garden soil, but in a good way.

MEXICO FT ORGANIC OAXACA, A fair trade, organic coffee from Oaxaca. Great body, and a well balanced cup. Everyone agreed that this one will be a big hit.

BALI ORGANIC BLUE MOON, Aways a favorite when it is in season. Full bodied, smooth, and not nearly as earthy as the Java, this Indonesian is a good balance between being unique, and still having stereotypical Indonesian qualities.

Keep an eye out for these wonderful coffees coming up in the next few weeks!


Mexico Coffee Discovery

In January and February of this year, Pablo's employees Jason Cain and Joseph Findeiss travelled to Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico.  As part of their trip they journeyed into the mountains of Cabo Corrientes in an attempt to visit and understand some of the most isolated coffee farms in Mexico.  Text and photos by Jason Cain.

For about seven years, I have traveled to a small fishing village in Jalisco,Mexico called Yelapa.  Located about forty-five minutes south of Puerto Vallarta by boat, Yelapa strikes most visitors as a place stuck in time; there are no cars, minimal electricity, and everything and everyone comes and goes by boat.  Small cobblestone footpaths wind through the sleepy pueblo, up the hill and down to the beach, where the few tourists bask in the sun at beach bars, lazily drink Pacificos and swim in the azure waters.  It is a quiet place.

Yelapenses are kind and proud.  Most people are in some way related, and descend from an indigenous population that has been fortunately left alone since the time of Francisco Cortes, who was so impressed by the peaceful nature of the locals that he petitioned the King of Spain to grant them eternal rights to their own land.  While the bulk of indigenous people in Mexico labored under the yoke of colonialism, Cabo Corrientes (the area surrounding Yelapa) was left untouched.


Finally, an article about light roast espresso I can recommend!

For the last few years the trend in the specialty coffee scene has been moving towards lighter and lighter roasts, especially when it comes to espresso. I personally have never been a fan of super light espresso roasts and have always, without exception, found them very sour and unpleasant. I don't think that espresso needs to be super dark in order to be good either, and this article argues for a middle ground, something I have always advocated myself. Check it out!




Zagat's 10 Most Annoying Coffee Trends Blog Rant.

Some of you may have read the "10 Most Annoying Coffee Trends" this week on the Zagat blog. If not, here is the link:

Lets take a look at it, shall we?

Number 1. "Snobby Baristas" "At some upscale cafes, if the baristas don't like you, they will spike your drink with diarrhea causing herbs."
What? Where are these people buying their coffee from? I have been in the coffee business for over 12 years, and have never heard of such a thing, sure I have encountered some rude baristas, but have never heard of a barista poisoning someone's drink. While I agree that some baristas can be snobby and full of themselves, I think that a simple way to remedy that issue is to not patronize a shop with snobby baristas, the problem will fix itself.

Number 2. " Pretentious descriptions"
This one seems pretty straightforward, if you don't care where your coffee comes from then why not go to McDonalds for your coffee? If people that frequent their local coffee shops didn't care about these "pretentious descriptions" then the coffee shops wouldn't provide them. Coffee shops are like any other business, they cater to what their customers want, or they fail. If a customer wants to know exactly where their coffee is grown and even who grew it, why shouldn't they have access to that information?



Danger Monkey, the origin of the legend.

It all started in the late summer of 2003, I was on an adventure in Asia at the time, and Craig Conner was doing his best to play the part of roaster in my absence. It was during this time that the Danger Monkey was born.


Current Pablo's Art Shows

Denver's art scene has always had a home on the walls at Pablo's. We love supporting local artists and their craft, so we try to show novice and established artists alike. The door at Pablo's never seems to stop swinging open, so these artists have a wonderful opportunity to show their work to thousands of our customers each month. We pride ourselves in helping these artist expose their work and will continue to do so; as long as we're serving coffee, we'll offer our customers great artwork to admire while they wait on their drink of choice.



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