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honey, cherry, raisin

Cascara is not, strictly speaking, tea. It comes from the coffee fruit and has a caffeine content somewhere between tea and coffee. It’s made from the dried skin and pulp of the coffee cherry. Different from the cherry’s seed, which yields the coffee beverage, cascara tea is made by steeping dry, leathery flakes in hot water to produce an amber-colored drink.

Cascara tea has a relatively viscous mouthfeel, tastes sweet like honey, and has distinct bright and fruity notes. It could easily be mistaken from afar for a delicately aged whiskey. It’s a simple and complex beverage: paradoxical and unique.

The name cascara translates from Spanish as  “husk” or “peel.” After the coffee cherry is picked from the tree, its skin and flesh are separated from the seed. The skin and flesh are often discarded for compost, but some farmers with really sweet coffee fruit think it’s a crazy idea to waste all that deliciousness.

Available in 2 oz. quantities


To brew cascara:

20g cascara to 400 mL of water

Cascara can be brewed hot or like sun tea.

Add cascara to cold brew in a 1:4 ratio

For an adult beverage try a 1:2 ratio cascara to tequila blanco or a joven mezcal over ice and a slice of citrus

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