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Costa Rica Honey Processed Microlot by Lainequel Zamora

cherry acidity, honey sweetness, creamy mouthfeel

This is an SHB EP, honey processed microlot from producer Lainequel Zamora on his farm in the village of La Escuadra in Brunca, Costa Rica and processed at his Altos del Silencio Micromill. After pulping, the coffee is pre-dried on a patio for 8-10 days and then finished in a mechanical dryer for 36-48 hours. 

Altos del Silencio was founded 4 years ago, by Lainequel Zamora and his family. Its location is in Coto Brus county, Brunca region, very close to Panama border, amidst the same mountain range of Panama's Boquete region. The farm and micromill are located next to La Amistad International Park at an altitude of 1,300masl. The vicinity of this park has a cool microclimate which has a positive effect on coffee cultivation, allowing for slowly cherry maturation and increased complexity in the cup. Lainequel is passionate to demonstrate that coffee production and quality in Coto Brus can be sustainable long term and starting the micromill represents a big step forward in this process.

Broadly speaking, Coto Brus county is known by its high production but not necessarily by its quality, particularly as the average altitude is only around 900 - 1,000 meters. A group of young producers (including Lainequel) in Pittier district is determined to show that the region can produce excellence.

The mill participates in UNICEF program called  “Casas de la Alegría” (House of Joy) in collaboration with Costa Rican Government and other private companies. Casa de la Alegría is an Integral Attention Center where coffee picker’s children from the indigenous Ngäbe-Buglé Comarca population receive daily care, feeding and medical care. Ngäbe-Buglé Comarca is located in Panama, but people from this Comarca migrate to Costa Rica during crop season to work.

PROCESS: Pulped Natural

ALTITUDE: 900 - 1,000 masl

GROWER: Lainequel Zamora

IMPORTER: Olam Specialty Coffee

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