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Roast Level: Light/Medium
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Fully Washed. Organically grown.

Tastes Like: Fig, Rice Pudding, Round Sweetness

Peru Finca Churupampa Organic is grown in the Cahamarca region of Northern Peru. Known for its fertile soils, its subtropical highland climate is characteristic of high elevations at tropical latitudes. Finca Churupampa began as a family farm, owned and operated by the Tocto Bermeo family. In 2011 they committed to becoming a self-sustainable, comprehensive business. In four years the project expanded to include 28 coffee-producing families in the towns of Tabaconas, Copia and Chirinos. Today Finca Churupampa Peru SAC is comprised of 322 certified organic producers. Finca Churupampa Peru SAC is guided by a philosophy of continuous improvement and reinvestment in production. The group works directly with producer families to support the harvest according to best organic practices. This includes technical advice with a focus on comprehensive agroecoogical management to promote environmental conservation and reforestation. The SAC also assists with fertilization plans, evaluating the fertilizer and coffee in a controlled laboratory. Additionally, they monitor post-harvest practices with a special focus on slow-drying in order to achieve the highest quality. In fact, many of the producers have raised beds for drying and each batch collected by the SAC is cupped and separated according to quality.

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