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soft orange blossom acidity, fresh turned spring earth, sweet and creamy body

We've really fallen in love with the Arinagata lot from Gayo, Sumatra. KSU produces Arabica Coffee which is double sorted Sumatra Mandheling grade 1. The coffee is medium to full body, medium acidity, berries, complex with notes of orange, leather, and caramel.

KSU Arinagata is a small Co-op. Most members of the cooperative produce on a small area of land, which provides 80 to 90% of household income. Farmers may also sell vegetables, fruit, soya bean, spices and fish in local markets. Fruit trees are intercropped with their 100% organic coffee, and this adds to the typical Sumatran coffee profile.

Organically Grown and Fair Trade

Location: Indonesia 

Process: Wet-hulled

Elevation: 600-1,200 Meters

Certification: Fair Trade and Organic since 2008

Co-Op Members: 1,677 

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