Coffee Relationships

At Pablo's Coffee, our first priority is to source the best tasting coffees we can find. There are numerous sources for green coffee – navigating these choices can be daunting, but we are dedicated to providing you with only the most pleasing coffee experience.

Because of the high quality of the coffees we purchase, massive factory farms producing commodity grade coffee simply cannot enter into the equation. We routinely pay 50-100% more per pound for our green coffee than the average Fair Trade rate. Many of our coffees carry certifications such as Rainforest Alliance, Smithsonian Bird Friendly and Socially Conscious, and we denote these coffees as such. Many others come from other cooperatives where the growers are organized in a legal Association. Still others come from great single family farms. Our importers visit all of these farms and cooperatives in person on a periodic basis, and that relationship is the cornerstone of their business.

We try in every instance to have complete transparency as to the source of these coffees. Here on our website, information sheets are available for your perusal. In our store, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help provide information on the coffees we have available. In short, we're paying attention!


Community Relationships

At Pablo's Coffee, being good members of our local community is of very high importance. Beyond providing great coffee to our retail and wholesale customers, we also are involved in a number of other programs to enrich the lives of the people around us.

First of all, unlike traditional marketing strategies, Pablo's Coffee focuses on a grassroots, donation based marketing strategy. We have sponsored hundreds of community events over the last two decades, from music festivals to silent auctions, homeless shelters to medical research. In fact, over 90% of our marketing budget goes to this sort of effort!

New, fun and helpful ideas are in the works, so stay tuned to our blog or Facebook page to find out more!

If your nonprofit has a community event coming up and you'd like to be considered for a donation, please email