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Pablo's Coffee



Roast Level: Light/Medium
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Fully Washed

Tastes Like: Dark Chocolate, Cardamom, Big Body

Demonstrated in its delicate earthiness and rich body, Sapan Minanga has long been recognized as one of the premium coffees grown on the island of Sulawesi. This sub-region of Tana Toraja produces only about 60,000 bags per harvest. Toraja is situated in a mountainous area that's lush in flora and fauna, with iron-rich soil and a cool, comfortable climate at about 1,800 masl. Its climate and rich, volcanic soil make up a perfect environment for cultivating coffee beans. The development of the Toraja region has historically and politically been influenced by coffee trading, since it arrived in the 1850s. Today, coffee remains a highly valued commodity in Indonesia. The majority is still grown on family-owned plots by independent smallholders who harvest the cherry and process it using traditional techniques.

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