Honduras Marcala Honey Process - Fair Trade Certified Organically Grown

Organically grown and Fair Trade Certified, we immediately fell for the caramelized walnut sweetness and rich mouth feel, balanced nicely by tart apricot acidity in the cup. This is a great coffee to experiment with brew methods as different types of filtering really highlight the stone fruit or caramels.

Recommended Brew Method: v60 Pour Over

Why is it called Honey Process? Do they soak it in honey?
When you see a coffee labeled Honey Process (or semi washed)  it means the coffee had a portion of the fruit removed before drying to retain some of the Natural Process characteristics like sweetness and improved body, while seeking to avoid the overwhelming fruity flavors often found in natural processed coffees. It’s called Honey Process because the resulting beans are sticky from the fruit mucilage. Sometimes you’ll see Black, Red, or Yellow Honey which refer to either differing drying times and or differing amounts of fruit left on the bean. Honey process coffees are typically sweet, with good body exhibiting less berry and more citrus, deciduous, or stone fruit acidities.  


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