Zambia AAA Mafinga Hills Kateshi & Isanya Estates

Our first ever offering from the nation of Zambia, this Rainforest Alliance certified coffee is exotic and mysterious. Notes of dried strawberry ramp up to a tropical candy vibe, and give way to a sweet, smooth finish.

The Kateshi and Isanya Estates are located in the Mafinga Hills subregion of Zambia's Northern Province. Kateshi Estate is located near the town of Kasama and has a total of 2,466 hectares, 773 of which are currently cultivated with coffee. Coffee grown on the estate is between 1,340 and 1,400 meters above sea level. Down the road, Isanya Estate is comprised of 1,600 hectares and ranges from 1500-1600 meters above sea level. Coffee from both estates are milled at Kateshi and blended to create this unique offering.

Danger Monkey
The monkey, the myth, the legend. Our famous Danger Monkey blend is known far and wide for it's easy drinking, smooth character. Roast forward, but not overly so, the Monkey is a true crowd pleaser. Great with a dash of cream or all on it's own, and a true embodiment of a balanced coffee blend.
Malawi Mzuzu Cooperative

This Malawi has hints of dark chocolate and black cherry-- rich body rounds out the cup and crisp orange finishes it.

This is an AB Plus grade blend of coffees from the Mzuzu Cooperative. Farms and producers who are considered a part of the Mzuzu Coop are primarily located in the northern districts of Malawi from Mzimba upwards. Most recently they have also begun supporting a number of smallholder projects in Central Malawi and more particularly in the Ntchisi East district, between the town of Kasungu and lake Malawi. There are approximately 2,700 small scale farmers working within these cooperative districts of which over 30% are women. This particular blend is brought together from five small districts, all near the western banks of Lake Malawi: Misuku Hills, Phoka HIlls, Viphya North, Nkhata Bay Highlands, and South East Mzimba. The coffees grown are a mixture of Catimor 129, Nyika Catimor and a small percentage of Geisha - inherited from the early days of the cooperative movement - and are all fully washed and sun dried. 
Old School Pablo's Logo Mug

Besides drinking coffee out of this mug, with our famous atom logo from 1995, you might find other uses for it, such as:

Plant a succulent in it
Put your favorite pens/pencils in it
If you hold your ear up to it you can hear the ocean

Basically, go wild.

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