Cafeum Obscura No. 3 - El Salvador Finca El Paraiso African Processing Collection

The third offering in our Obscura Series is a whirlwind trip through various African processing methods, produced by coffee maven Aida Batlle at her family's Finca El Paraiso in El Salvador. All three coffees in this selection are exactly the same save for one aspect: they are processed in three different methods hailing from different regions of Africa, bringing about three coffees that couldn't taste more different from each other. This exploration in processing methods will blow your mind. The selection contains 4oz each of the following:

Kenya Washed Process
A meticulous process involving three days and two stages of dry fermentation with periodic washing before being placed on drying beds in the sun. The resulting flavor is unmatched - a pleasant sweetness and complex acidity with notes of macadamia, marzipan, and strawberry.

African Full Natural Process
During this process the coffee cherries are allowed to float in water tanks before being transferred to beds or patios where they are left to dry in the sun before having the fruit removed mechanically. The result is a cup heavy in sweet red berry flavor and a syrupy mouthfeel, at once vibrant and delicate.

Ethiopian Washed Process
In this process the coffee spends its entire fermentation cycle underwater and is washed every twelve hours. In the cup the florals really pop; we taste notes of rose and jasmine, dried strawberries, and some sweet citrus notes with a tea-like body.

About the Producer
Aida Batlle is a fifth generation coffee producer operating her family's three farms in the Santa Ana region of El Salvador. In 2003, Aida entered her first Cup of Excellence competition and won with a selection from Finca El Kilimanjaro, proving the viability and profitability of painstaking and intensive farming methods in El Salvador. Her tireless work to increase quality, experiment with processing methods, and make improvements at the farm level have established her reputation as an industry pioneer.

About the package artist, Alisha Rice
Alisha is a tattoo artist in Denver, working at Think Tank Tattoo. She plays hockey, shows cats, enjoys camping and hiking, and reads fantasy and history.
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