Colombia Serrania Del Perija Womens' Co-Op

This organically grown coffee is dessert in a cup - rich dark chocolate with cherries and orange zest. A decadent treat to be sure.

This unique coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around the Asociacion de Mujeres Cafeteras Plan Mil, an all women's organization that operates in the municipality of Balcon de Cesar within the department of Cesar, Colombia. Mujeres Cafeteras was founded in 1998 and many women started planting with 1000 coffee trees, as they were moving away from farming coca trees. As a way to diversify their income, women are supporting their youth to start a coffee roasting program aimed to supply the local market with high quality coffee. In addition to coffee production, members of the co-op harvest and sell plantains, bananas, cassava, beans, corn, and yams.



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