Cafeum Obscura No. 2 - Yemen Mocca Roowad Hayma

The second offering in our Cafeum Obscura series is this ultra rare, exotic offering from Yemen.  Unfathomably complex and delicious, and featuring strong notes of dried strawberry, pineapple, and green tea mochi, this is a limited edition coffee you simply must experience to believe.  

Produced by the Haymah Al Rowaad Coffee Association, the family farmers dry their heirloom cultivar coffee in the cherry using an ancient technique - on their rooftops.  The resulting beans are small, dense, and similar to a natural process Ethiopian.

This is a limited edition of 70 12oz reusable tins, adorned with art by Denver artist Travis Hetman, who has shown his art at Pablo's numerous times.  Also available: Limited Edition Canvas Tote.


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